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TXTPlain Text File Format

A file with .TXT extension represents a text document that contains plain text in the form of lines. Paragraphs in a text document are recognized by carriage returns and are used for better arrangement of file contents. A standard text document can be opened in any text editor or word processing application on different operating systems. All the text contained in such a file is in human-readable format and represented by sequence of characters.

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How to

 How to view, edit, download a TXT document using GroupDocs Editor App

  • Click inside the file drop area to upload a TXT file or drag & drop a TXT file.
  • File will be automatically rendered for you to view/edit/download instantly.
  • View & edit document.
  • Download the original TXT file.
  • Download the edited TXT file.
  • Download the edited TXT file as PDF.
  • View/edit document HTML source.
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Other Editor file formats

You can also edit many other file formats. Please see the complete list below.