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Document encryption is one of the ways how can we protect our files from being read by 3-d parties when sharing files that contain personal or private information over the Internet with our friends and colleagues.

To make it simple let’s imagine a box with a keyhole that can be opened only with the key (password) you have. To make sure that no one opened the box we’re locking it with a key and sending the box to a friend. Having a copy of the key the friend can open the box and find what’s inside. In reality, when you’re encrypting a file the data in the file is not changed but is transformed or translated to an unreadable form using an algorithm (a list of simple operations).

There are a number of different specifications that can be used for data encryption. As an example, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) specification was created by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2001 to secure the information from being exposed to or read by not authorized users. The encryption algorithms are classified by a count of keys that are needed to encrypt (protect) and decrypt (unprotect) files. AES is a symmetric encryption algorithm and does require a single key to protect and unprotect the data. Asymmetric algorithms need one key to transform (protect) the data and the second key for reading it back. AES is well adopted and commonly used and as an example, we’re using the AES to protect PDF documents, OneNote notebooks, PowerPoint presentations, and ZIP archives.

Password Protect is a free secure online web application that enables you to protect PDF files, ZIP archives, Microsoft Word documents, Excel workbooks, and PowerPoint presentations. You can password protect a file within a couple of clicks and download a protected file. While we automatically remove your files from our servers we also enable you to remove the files manually.

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