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Excel files are spreadsheets that are used to work with data that is stored in cells. Table structure with rows and columns enables users to work easily with data. Using spreadsheets you can format individual cells, transform the data, build charts. In case your spreadsheet contains personal or sensitive information you can limit access to your file by setting a password.

Password Protect is a free secure online web application that enables you to protect Excel spreadsheets. You can easily add a password to the spreadsheet file within a couple of clicks and download a protected file.

The following Excel file formats are supported:

  • Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet (XLSX) - one of the most popular spreadsheet file format
  • Excel Binary Workbook file (XLSB) - a binary file format that was designed to provide better performance compared to XLSX
  • Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet (XLSM) - spreadsheet file format with macros support

To password protect Excel spreadsheets we're using AES encryption. This encryption method provides high protection level against brute-force attacks that are used by attackers to decrypt a protected file.

To secure an Excel spreadsheet using Password Protect application upload your file, type the password, click protect button, and download the protected file. The download link will be available for 24 hours. While we automatically remove your files from our servers we also enable you to remove the files manually. After you removed files manually the download link won’t work anymore.

How to password protect Excel file

Submit your file

Click inside the file drop area to upload a Excel file or drag & drop a Excel file.

Type the password

Enter the password that you want to use to protect the file.

Protect file

Click "Protect" button and wait until process is completed.

Get Result

Click on "Download" button to get protected file.


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