The signature generator tool lets you create a variety of digital signatures that you can download and use to sign business contracts and official documents. Any signature contains unique textual or visual information that confirms the identity of the signer and authorizes the business document. Signature verification can take place visually or automatically by reading the contents of the signature. The easiest way to scan the documents is using the barcode or QR code signatures. These signatures could be scanned automatically. The signatures content may vary depending on the Barcode or QR Code types. For example, the Barcode signatures allow to keep about 10-15 characters but the QR-code signature may contain over 2 kilobytes of content. This content could be in a standard format like WiFi, Email, Contact but also could be secured with a private key to encode or decode the signature data. The GroupDocs Generator tool allows you to generate electronic signatures from any browser for free without registration. GroupDocs will be happy to help you with the electronic signature generation and their usage on your documents.
  • Generate Barcode and QR Code signatures
  • Support most popular Barcode types as UPC, EAN, Code39, Codabar, Post mail barcodes and many more
  • Support many QR Code standard types like Url, WiFi, Phone, Email, Event, VCard, MeCard, Sepa and cryptocurrency QR Codes
  • Allow to download created signatures
  • Upload document and add signature to any document page
How to generate signature?

 How to generate signature?

  • Select Barcode type from the list
  • Enter barcode data and click Generate button
  • Click Download to get barcode image, or Add to Document button to put signature on Document page
  • Select QR-code type
  • Enter QR-code data and click 'Generate'

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  • ❓ What is signature to generate?
    Signature data is electronic data that stores information and can be visualized or presented in any supported way. Signature data is unique content that identifies the purpose of the signature. The visualization of a signature can range from a simple text label, a generated image, a composed barcode, or a generated qr code. The signature generator allows you to enter data and pick the signature type to generate.
  • ❓ What types of signatures can be generated?
    Signatures can store a variety of data, from plain text to coded data. The type of data representation determines how the signature looks, is stored, and how the signature data is represented as visual content. For example, text signatures store plain text and can be visualized in a variety of ways depending on font, style, and size. Image signatures can contain any visual information such as text, stamps, watermarks, etc. Barcode signatures store a limited amount of text or numbers and are presented as a special binary graphic sequence. QR code signatures are more complex and store much more information in a two-dimensional binary graphic content. Digital signatures always rely on a digital certificate with a specific security algorithm and contain only a unique key, which is used to authorize the signer. The Signature Generator allows to create signature of any type above.
  • ❓ How to generate a signature?
    An electronic signature can be generated based on the data entered by the user and the selected signature type. After selecting the barcode or QR code of the signature with the appropriate type the image of the signature can be downloaded
  • ❓ How to use generated signature?
    The generated signature could be saved as standalone file and then used with any document over the Signature Generator tool
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