Document watermark is a text or image placed on document and marks and protects it.
You can insert text or image as a document watermark with various settings: it is possible to adjust font, color and other settings.
This online document watermarking tool allows to watermark many file formats (see supported formats list). It works on any platform: Windows, Lunux, Mac. Mobile platforms such as Android and iOS are also fully supported.
All files are processed on our servers so no any plugin or software installation is required.

How to

  How to add watermark to document

  • Open this free online watermarking tool in your favourite browser.
  • Click inside the file drop area to upload your document file or drag & drop your file.
  • Your document file will be rendered for you to add watermarks instantly.
  • Add text and image watermarks to your document and setup their properties.
  • Download the updated document file with watermarks added.
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