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There is a group of Email file formats, which usually are intended for storing individual mail messages (letters), or contact data, personal information, calendar, address books and so on. There are plenty of them, because almost every email program uses its own set of such formats.

Most of the online web-based email services (aka Webmail) and desktop applications are designed to create mail messages, send and receive them. In contrast, with our free Email Editor App you can upload files with email messages and other data, edit the content directly in the browser, and download the edited version. So, unlike online email services like Gmail, Email Editor App doesn’t allow you to send or receive mail messages, but it allows you to upload, view, modify and download existing mail messages.

Using the Email Editor App is extremely easy. Just drag and drop a mail message file on the white area, located above, or upload a file by clicking on that area, edit the content as you wish and save on completion. With our Email Editor App you can view and edit not only the mail content, but also the metadata: title (Subject), sender (From), one or many recipients (To), CC, BCC, date-time of creation, a list of attachments and so on. Some formats, like PST, may contain a list of mail letters — Email Editor App allows to view and edit them all. For the mail content, Email Editor App supports complex text and paragraph formatting features.

This online Email Editor App, because of its web-based nature, is absolutely portable and multi-platform — you only need a usual and quite up-to-date web-browser (like Chrome, Firefox or Safari) without any additional plugins required, and no matter on which platform you’re using it: desktop PC or smartphone, Windows, Linux, or macOS, Android or iOS.

MBOX Email Mailbox File

MBox file format is a generic term that represents a container for collection of electronic mail messages. The messages are stored inside the container along with their attachments. Messages from an entire folder are saved in a single database file and new messages are appended to the end of the file. Numerous applications and API provide support for MBox file format such as Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.

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How to

How to view, edit, download a document using Editor App

  • Click inside the file drop area to upload a file or drag & drop a file.
  • File will be automatically rendered for you to view/edit/download instantly.
  • View & edit document.
  • Download the original file.
  • Download the edited file.
  • Download the edited file as PDF.


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    ❓ How can I edit a MBOX file using MBOX Editor?

    First of all, you need to select and add this file for editing by two ways: drag and drop your file to the white area with the label ”Click or drop your file here” or click on this area and then select the desired file using file explorer. Once a file is added, the green progress bar will begin to grow, and when completed, the MBOX Editor will be opened with file content inside it.
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    ⏱️ The Editor was opened after file uploading, but there is a “Please wait, while document is loading” message and no any document content. Will it appear and how long does it take?

    The document loading time depends on three factors: document size, the complexity of document content and aspects of the document format. For example, plain text files (TXT) are much easier to open and display than XLS spreadsheets, and it may be faster to open an eBook with a huge 1000 page novel inside rather than a complex 10-slide PPTX presentation with tons of animations, comments and images.
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    📰 How can I edit the content of a document when it is opened in the Editor?

    In short: like in any other WYSIWYG-editor. There is a toolbar with three groups of tools: File, Format, and Insert. First group contains buttons for saving and downloading the document, second is responsible for formatting existing content, while third — for inserting the new entities inside content like images, tables, lists and so on. There also are two emerging groups of buttons on the toolbar — Table and List. They appear when you point at a table or a list respectively and contain tools for working with them like adding or removing table rows and columns, list indentation and so on.
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    📶 Does MBOX Editor require an internet connection when a document is loaded and opened?

    Yes, the MBOX Editor is a client-server tool where WYSIWYG-editor is only a facade for a server-based software. If an internet connection is lost during document editing, you will not be able to save and download the edited document.
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    🛡 What about privacy, is it safe to use the MBOX Editor?

    Yes, it is. Editor usage scenario implies that you select and open a document, edit it and then save and download the edited version, and that’s all. The unique URL is generated after you’ve opened the file, but this URL is known only for you and no one else. Finally, the uploaded file will be automatically deleted from our servers after 24 hours after uploading and this URL will become inactive.
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    💻 Can I edit a document on Linux, Mac OS or Android?

    It can be anything that has a modern browser and an internet, no matter what device it is, which operating system is there, and what the browser is. PC or smartphone, Windows or Mac OS, Android or iOS, Chrome or Firefox, — all of them are supported.

Other Editor file formats

You can also edit many other file formats. Please see the complete list below.

MOBI EDITOR Mobipocket eBook (.mobi)
AZW3 EDITOR Kindle eBook format (.azw3)
PPT EDITOR PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt)
PPTX EDITOR PowerPoint Open XML Presentation (.pptx)
PPS EDITOR PowerPoint Slide Show (.pps)
PPSX EDITOR PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show (.ppsx)
FODP EDITOR OpenDocument Flat XML Presentation (.fodp)
ODP EDITOR OpenDocument Presentation (.odp)
POT EDITOR PowerPoint Template (.pot)
PPTM EDITOR PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation (.pptm)
POTX EDITOR PowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template (.potx)
POTM EDITOR PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template (.potm)
PPSM EDITOR PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide (.ppsm)
OTP EDITOR OpenDocument Presentation Template (.otp)
XLS EDITOR Excel Spreadsheet (.xls)
XLT EDITOR Microsoft Excel Template (.xlt)
XLTX EDITOR Excel Open XML Spreadsheet Template (.xltx)
XLSX EDITOR Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet (.xlsx)
XLSM EDITOR Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet (.xlsm)
XLSB EDITOR Excel Binary Spreadsheet (.xlsb)
XLAM EDITOR Microsoft Excel Add-in (.xlam)
XLTM EDITOR Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Template (.xltm)
CSV EDITOR Comma Separated Values File (.csv)
TSV EDITOR Tab Separated Values File (.tsv)
ODS EDITOR OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)
OTS EDITOR OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template (.ots)
DOC EDITOR Microsoft Word Document (.doc)
DOCX EDITOR Microsoft Word Open XML Document (.docx)
DOCM EDITOR Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document (.docm)
DOT EDITOR Word Document Template (.dot)
DOTX EDITOR Word Open XML Document Template (.dotx)
DOTM EDITOR Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template (.dotm)
RTF EDITOR Rich Text Format File (.rtf)
ODT EDITOR OpenDocument Text Document (.odt)
OTT EDITOR OpenDocument Document Template (.ott)
FODS EDITOR OpenDocument Flat XML Spreadsheet (.fods)
SXC EDITOR StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet (.sxc)
PDF EDITOR Portable Document Format (PDF) file (.pdf)
XPS EDITOR Fixed page layout (XPS) file (.xps)
OXPS EDITOR XML Paper Specification (XPS) file (.oxps)
EML EDITOR E-Mail Message File (.eml)
MSG EDITOR Microsoft Outlook Email Format (.msg)
EMLX EDITOR Apple Mail Message (.emlx)
PST EDITOR Personal Storage File (.pst)
OST EDITOR Outlook Offline Storage File (.ost)
C# EDITOR C# Source Code File (.cs)
JAVASCRIPT EDITOR JavaScript Source File (.js)
MARKDOWN EDITOR Markdown language dialects (.md)
YML EDITOR YAML Document (.yml)
JSON EDITOR JavaScript Object Notation (.json)
HTML EDITOR Hypertext Markup Language File (.html)
XML EDITOR Excel 2003 XML (SpreadsheetML) (.xml)
SASS EDITOR Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets File (.sass)
CSS EDITOR Cascading Style Sheet (.css)
LESS EDITOR LESS Style Sheet (.less)
XML EDITOR XML File (.xml)
GROOVY EDITOR Groovy Source Code File (.groovy)
JAVA EDITOR Java Source Code File (.java)
PHP EDITOR PHP Source Code File (.php)
SCALA EDITOR Scala Source Code File (.scala)
SQL EDITOR Structured Query Language Data File (.sql)
ACTIONSCRIPT EDITOR ActionScript File (.as)
ACTIONSCRIPT EDITOR ActionScript File (.as3)
ASSEMBLY EDITOR Assembly Language Source Code File (.asm)
BASH SHELL EDITOR Bash Shell Script (.sh)
BATCH EDITOR DOS Batch File (.bat)
C/C++ EDITOR C/C++ Source Code File (.c)
C/C++/OBJECTIVE-C EDITOR C/C++/Objective-C Header File (.h)
C++ EDITOR C++ Source Code File (.cc)
C++ EDITOR C++ Source Code File (.cpp)
C++ EDITOR C++ Source Code File (.cxx)
C++ EDITOR C++ Header File (.hh)
OBJECTIVE-C EDITOR Objective-C Implementation File (.m)
OBJECTIVE-C EDITOR Objective-C Source File (.mm)
PYTHON EDITOR Python Script (.py)
RUBY EDITOR Ruby ERB Script (.erb)
RUBY EDITOR Ruby Source Code (.rb)
VBSCRIPT EDITOR Visual Basic Project Item File (.vb)
JAVA PROPERTIES EDITOR Java Properties File (.properties)
JS EDITOR JavaScript Source File (.js)
VB EDITOR Visual Basic Project Item File (.vb)
RB EDITOR Ruby Source Code (.rb)
DIFF EDITOR Patch File (.diff)
HAML EDITOR Haml Source Code File (.haml)
MD EDITOR Markdown language dialects (.md)
YAML EDITOR YAML Document (.yaml)
HTM EDITOR Hypertext Markup Language File (.htm)
CMAKE EDITOR CMake scripting language (.cmake)
MAKE EDITOR Makefile Script (.make)
ML EDITOR ML Source Code File (.ml)
RST EDITOR reStructuredText File (.rst)
SCM EDITOR Scheme Source Code File (.scm)
SCRIPT EDITOR Generic Script File (.script)
SML EDITOR Standard ML Source Code File (.sml)
VIM EDITOR Vim Settings File (.vim)
LOG EDITOR Log File (.log)
PLAIN TEXT EDITOR Plain Text File (.txt)
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