Reverse image search is a type of search in which images are input data. The image is analyzed according to a certain technique, converted into a certain structure, which is then used to search in an index of images.

The index of images is created in advance from a set of images intended for search. Indexed images are also processed in a certain way before being added to a special index, which is searched in a fraction of a second among millions of different pictures, photos, icons, etc.

This online Reverse image search app uses the GroupDocs.Search library, which implements the reverse image search functionality based on indexing specially calculated image hashes. Billions of searchable images can be added to the GroupDocs.Search index.

Search in this application can be performed:

The search is performed on an image in a separate file in one of the supported formats. When searching, it is possible to set the minimum level of similarity between the source image and the resulting images found.

How to search image

How to search image

  • Click inside the image file drop area to upload an image file or drag & drop it.
  • Click inside the document or archive drop area to upload a document or ZIP archive or drag & drop it.
  • Once uploads complete, you will be able to perform image search in your document or archive.
  • Set the desired minimum image similarity value under the file upload areas.
  • Get results by clicking the "Search" button.
  • Add more files with "Add files" button.
  • Select added files to include them into the index and perform searches.

File formats supported by Reverse image search app

You can perform reverse image search with many image formats. Please see the full list below.

Viewer Annotation Conversion Comparison Signature Assembly Metadata Search Parser Watermark Editor Merger Redaction Classification Splitter Translation Unlock Protect Scanner