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Categorize PDF, MS Word (DOC, DOCX,..), OpenOffice, TXT documents online with IAB-2, Documents or Sentiment taxonomies

GroupDocs.Classificaion App

GroupDocs.Classification App Supported Output Document Formats

Microsoft Office
OpenDocument & Other Formats
  • OpenDocument Formats: ODT, OTT, ODS, ODP
  • Adobe & Fixed Layout: PSD, PDF, XPS
  • Text: TXT
How to

 How to classify documents or texts

  • Click Add a new text to add the text (e.g. article or news content) or click Add file(s) to upload one or multiple files.
  • File(s) or text will be added to the classification table.
  • Repeat previous steps for other texts or files if necessary.
  • Click a button with taxonomy name in the added row to classify one row or click Classify all button.
  • Click Download as csv button to download classification report.
Fast and easy

Fast and Easy Classification

Upload your document or type text and click on button with a taxonomy name. You will see the classification results in the table or be able to download them in .csv file


Classify from Anywhere

It works from all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. All files are processed on our servers. No plugin or software installation required for you.


Classification Quality

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