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Extract text and metadata from MHT online

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MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML

Files with MHT extension represent a web page archive format that can be created by a number of different applications. The format is known as archive format because it saves the web HTML code and associated resources in a single file. These resources include anything linked to the webpage such as images, applets, animations, audio files and so on.

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How it works

How to extract text and metadata from MHT files

Step 1
Click inside the file drop area to upload a MHT file or drag & drop a MHT file.
Step 2
Once your MHT is processed click on Download Now button.
Step 3
You may also send the download link to any email address by clicking on Email button.

Other file formats supported by GroupDocs.Parser

You can also parse many other file formats. Please see the complete list below.

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