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OTT Open Document Template

Files with OTT extension represent template documents generated by applications in compliance with the OASIS' OpenDocument standard format. These are created with word processor applications such as free OpenOffice Writer and can hold settings that can be used to generate new documents from these template files. These settings include page margins, borders, headers, footers, and other page settings. Such templates are used in official documents such as company letterheads and standardized forms.

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Free Document Conversion, Viewer, Merger app for Windows

Free Document Conversion, Viewer, Merger app for Windows

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  • No limit of file size.
  • Batch conversion of multiple files.
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How to merge OTT files online

  • Select or drop your OTT documents to upload for merge.
  • Once upload completes, drag OTT document thumbnails to rearrange them (if needed).
  • Click on Merge Now button to start merge process.
  • Once your OTT documents are merged click on Download Now button.
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 GroupDocs.Merger for .NET API

Rich document merger .NET library & API.
Boost your solution's features with our powerful document merge engine!

More Platforms

 GroupDocs.Merger for Java

Java version of GroupDocs.Merger library and API.
Merge documents in Java, your way!

 GroupDocs.Merger Cloud

Easy to use cross-platform Cloud solution.
The secret of document merging for Cloud solutions!

Open-Source UI/UX Solutions

 GroupDocs.Merger for .NET and Java

Integrate document merger in your apps using our out-of-the-box open-source front-end solutions based on Angular and GroupDocs.Merger for .NET/Java.
UI/UX solutions can be run as standalone application or can be integrated in any .NET/Java application, download and build your merger solution within few clicks!
  • GroupDocs.Merger MVC UI/UX Solution (Coming Soon)
  • GroupDocs.Merger .NET WebForms UI/UX Solution (Coming Soon)
  • GroupDocs.Merger Java Dropwizard UI/UX Solution (Coming Soon)
  • GroupDocs.Merger Java Spring UI/UX Solution (Coming Soon)

 GroupDocs.Total for .NET and Java

GroupDocs.Total is an open-source UI/UX solution where all GroupDocs products are working together as one.
GroupDocs.Total provides multiple high quality features against over 120 document formats, such as conversion, signature, parser and much more!

Other Merger file formats

You can also merge other file formats. Please see the list below.

CSV Merger (Comma Separated Values File)
DOC Merger (Microsoft Word Document)
DOCM Merger (Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document)
DOCX Merger (Microsoft Word Open XML Document)
DOT Merger (Word Document Template)
DOTM Merger (Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document Template)
DOTX Merger (Word Open XML Document Template)
EPUB Merger (Open eBook File)
HTML Merger (Hypertext Markup Language File)
MHT Merger (MHTML Web Archive)
ODP Merger (OpenDocument Presentation)
ODS Merger (OpenDocument Spreadsheet)
ODT Merger (OpenDocument Text Document)
ONE Merger (OneNote Document)
OTP Merger (OpenDocument Presentation Template)
PDF Merger (Portable Document Format File)
PPS Merger (PowerPoint Slide Show)
PPSX Merger (PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show)
PPT Merger (PowerPoint Presentation)
PPTX Merger (PowerPoint Open XML Presentation)
RTF Merger (Rich Text Format File)
TEX Merger (LaTeX Source Document)
TSV Merger (Tab Separated Values File)
TXT Merger (Plain Text File)
VDX Merger (Visio Drawing XML File)
VSDM Merger (Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing)
VSDX Merger (Visio Drawing)
VSSM Merger (Visio Macro-Enabled Stencil File)
VSSX Merger (Visio Stencil File)
VSTM Merger (Visio Macro-Enabled Drawing Template)
VSTX Merger (Visio Drawing Template)
VSX Merger (Visio Stencil XML File)
VTX Merger (Visio Template XML File)
XLAM Merger (Microsoft Excel Add-in)
XLS Merger (Excel Spreadsheet)
XLSB Merger (Excel Binary Spreadsheet)
XLSM Merger (Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet)
XLSX Merger (Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet)
XLT Merger (Microsoft Excel Template)
XLTM Merger (Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Template)
XLTX Merger (Excel Open XML Spreadsheet Template)
XPS Merger (XML Paper Specification File)
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