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The Digital Signature generator tool lets you create a electronic signatures based on the digital certificate that you can download and use to sign business contracts and official PDF documents. The Digital Certificate contains unique secured information that confirms the identity of the signer and authorizes the business documents. Digital Certificate verification can take place automatically by reading the contents of the document and verify embedded digital signature. These signatures could be verified automatically. The signatures content may vary depending on the Digital Certificates common properties. The GroupDocs Generator tool allows you to generate digital signatures as certificate files from any browser for free without registration. GroupDocs will be happy to help you with the digital signature generation and their usage on your documents.
  • Generate Digital Certificate Signature - secure your PDF documents
  • Support X509 Certificate type with private and public keys and secured with password
  • Support configurable common and security settings to cutomize certificate and improve its safety
  • Allow to download generated Digital Certificate as standalone PFX file
  • Upload PDF document and automatically sign it with the Digital Certificate
How to generate Digital Certificate and add to the PDF  Document?

 How to generate Digital Certificate and add to the PDF Document?

  • Select predefined set of the security options for Digital Certificate
  • Adjust security options if needed
  • Provide common Digital Certificate properties
  • Setup a validation to date for the certificate
  • Review set of common and secure data of the certificate and click Generate

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  • ❓ What is the digital certificate?
    Digital certificate is an electronic signature in the form of a file (mostly PFX)that has a cryptographic key pair and authenticates the identity of the signer as an individual user, official organization or other representative entity. A digital certificate is an identity or public certificate. A digital certificate contains a number of fields that describe general properties and identify the signer, and also contains specific security parameters that define the security algorithm and its complexity.
  • ❓ How to generate digital certificate?
    To generate a digital certificate, you will need to enter general information such as company name, job title, organization, its unit and location information, and configure optional security settings to provide encryption data. The configurable parameters can be the encryption algorithm, key length, validation period, and a unique strong password. All these options will be used to compose highly secure digital сertificate signature.
  • ❓ How to sign PDF document with digital certificate?
    The generated Digital certificate can be downloaded as standalone PFX file and used for further document signing. This certificate will secure business document from unexpected changes. If document was signed with digital certificate signature it guarantees validation of this document with unchanged content on the signing moment.
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