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Annotate XLSX Online

Annotate, Comment and Tag your XLSX file for Efficient Collaboration Online for Free

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About Annotation app

Annotation is a lightweight and powerful software which allows everyone to seamlessly modify documents with the capability to annotate them. Annotate your document completely free on any OS and platform using just your browser.

With Annotation software powered by GroupDocs you are allowed to annotate documents, leave comments, draw figures, calculate distances, highlight and mark up documents. With our annotator you can do it on PDFs, text documents, diagrams, excel sheets, presentations, images and even CAD files. The most popular annotation examples are highlighting, underlying, striking out text, adding watermarks and polylines.

Video tutorial
How it works

How to annotate XLSX documents online

Step 1
Click inside the file drop area to upload a XLSX file or drag & drop a XLSX file.
Step 2
File will be automatically rendered for you to view instantly.
Step 3
Add annotations to the document.
Step 4
Download the annotated version of your XLSX file.

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