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Microsoft Word allows to work with text files that contain rich formatting such as alignment, shaping, images, charts etc.

Lorem Ipsum App is a free online web application that allows you to generate Word documents with pseudo-Latin text. You can specify number of paragraphs to generate and download created file with a couple of clicks.

Here is a list of supported Word file formats:

  • Microsoft Word Open XML Document (DOCX) - one of the most popular text file formats that is widely supported by text processing applications such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and OpenOffice Writer
  • Microsoft Word Document (DOC) - a binary file format that was replaced with DOCX
  • Word Open XML Document Template (DOTX) - Microsoft Word template file that contains default formatting for a document
  • Word Document Template (DOT) - a legacy template file format that was replaced with DOTX

You might already know how to generate lorem ipsum text using Microsoft Word built-in features. By default you can create five paragraphs of random text by typing this command:


In case if you want to generate a specific number of paragraphs you should specify it like this:

=lorem(7)  - this way seven paragraphs of lipsum text will be generated.

By the way it is even possible to specify the number of sentences that each paragraph should contain. Here is a how the command will look like:

=lorem(10, 4)  - this way 10 paragraphs of lorem ipsum text will be created, each of which will contain four sentences.

There is also an ability to generate random text using the current language in a Microsoft Word document with 'rand' command, and adjust the number of generated paragraphs and sentences.

How to generate lorem ipsum Word file

Set sample text properties

Select how many paragraphs of lipsum text for your Word file you want to generate.

Generate lipsum

Click 'Generate' button and wait until process is completed.

Copy text

Click on 'Copy' button to copy generated text.

Download result

Click on 'Download' button to save created Word file.


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