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Excel files are spreadsheets that allow you to work with data stored in cells. Users can work with data more easily when using a table structure with rows and columns. Spreadsheets allow you to format individual cells, transform data, and create charts.

Lorem Ipsum App is a online web application that allows you to generate Excel workbooks with pseudo-Latin text. You are allowed to set desired number of text paragraphs and download created workbook for free.

The following Excel file formats are supported:

  • Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet (XLSX) - one of the most popular spreadsheet file format
  • Excel Binary Workbook file (XLSB) - a binary file format that was designed to provide better performance compared to XLSX
  • Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet (XLSM) - spreadsheet file format with macros support

If you have Microsoft Excel installed you may type in '=rand()' and press Enter in any cell of worksheet to generate a random number. But of course it is not a convenient solution when you need to generate a lot of placeholder text portions.

Here is where our Lorem Ipsum App comes to rescue - you just have to specify how many paragraphs you want to create and it will be inserted into generated workbook cells.Another way is to generate desired amount of text and copy it into clipboard, then you will place it to the needed place of your workbook.

How to generate lorem ipsum Excel file

Set sample text properties

Select how many paragraphs of lipsum text for your Excel file you want to generate.

Generate lipsum

Click 'Generate' button and wait until process is completed.

Copy text

Click on 'Copy' button to copy generated text.

Download result

Click on 'Download' button to save created Excel file.


How do I generate Excel file with lorem ipsum text for free?

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Can I create a sample Excel file without Microsoft Excel?

Can I generate lorem ipsum text on Linux, Mac OS, or Android?

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