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This tool provides a variety of Microsoft Word and OpenDocument formats such as doc, docx, dot, docm, dotx,dotm,odt. It is provide count word in Word. and also character count in Word. You can do it without Office suite installation. After file upload, you can evaluate the volume of your work and its cost. After your file is processed you will get a link with results, that you can bookmark or share to remember this information, without file reupload. You get information about the top 10 keywords in your document. You need this information to prevent the overuse of specific words or their combinations.

Who will benefit from this tool?

If you are a teacher or student

Students need to write tasks that have requirements for the words count. And if you want to increase your chances of getting a good mark, you need to make sure that the size is optimal: not too small to meet the requirements, but not too large because it will be more difficult for the teacher to check it. Of course, the content of the text is also important, but the golden mean between brevity and volume will make it possible to compose such a piece that conveys the meaning as much as possible. If you are a teacher, this tool will allow you to check the total words count and their repetition.

You can also get how many words per page: you can calculate the number of pages for your article, while it is possible to choose your goal: required pages count or characters count per page, you can see updated values immediately. With this feature, you can optimize your future document by the number of pages.

How to count words and characters

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