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Why to generate strong passwords?

Passwords pose a significant security risk. According to recent research, weak or stolen passwords account for biggest part of hacking-related violations. Therefore, if you want to protect your personal information and assets, creating secure passwords is a critical first step. That's where the GroupDocs Password Generator comes in handy. Passwords that are impossible to crack contain a variety of characters (numbers, letters, and symbols). Making your passwords unique for each website or app also aids in the prevention of hacking. Please note that your passwords are never transmitted over the Internet.

Best practices on creating strong passwords

  1. For each account you create, make sure you use a different password. The risk of reusing passwords is that if one site experiences a security breach, hackers can easily try the same login and password combination on other sites.
  2. Passwords should not contain any personally identifiable information. Names, birthdays, and street addresses are easy to remember, but they're also easy to find online, so they should never be included in passwords for maximum security.
  3. Ensure your passwords contain letters, numbers, and special characters and are at least 12 characters long. Some people prefer to use password generators that are able to create passwords 14 or 30 characters long.
  4. Try incorporating phrases or lyrics from your favorite movie or song when constructing a master password that you'll need to remember. Simply add characters at random, but don't change them in simple patterns.
  5. Simple passwords like asdf1234, password1, or Temp! should be avoided. ZsA5$zggIAH^|, wOrv=yP^b:!g5 and JVIQnkCJ0;4.9 - are some instances of strong passwords.
  6. Instead of utilizing personal information as the answer to your security questions, use Password Generator App to generate a new ''password' and store it as the response. What is the explanation for this? Hackers can readily find some of this information, like as the name of the street you grew up on or your mother's maiden name, and use it in a brute-force assault to obtain access to your accounts.
  7. Avoid using similar passwords that just modify a single character or word. This technique compromises the security of your account on several sites.
  8. If you have reason to change your passwords, such as if you've shared them with someone, if a website has been hacked, or if it's been more than a year since you last changed them, do so.
  9. Passwords should never be sent via email or text message. Our GroupDocs Password Generator works inside your browser and do not send passwords via web.

How to generate random password

Select length

Use slider to set desired length of password. You are allowed to create passwords from 8 to 30 characters.

Choose character sets

Decide whether to use uppercase and lowercase letters, special symbols and numbers.

Generate Password

Click 'Generate' button and obtain new password in a textarea at the top.

Save your password

Click on 'Copy' button to save generated password into clipboard for later use.


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