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Extract text content from scanned PDF file and translate it into 46 languages in one online application.

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Online PDF scans translation

Huge popularity of PDF format makes it the de facto standard for the exchange of documents and information in business, science and individual usage today. At the same time, a lot of PDF files represent scanned information, making text extraction a real challenge. Here OCR (optical character recognition) comes to rescue, as it allows to recognize text in file, extract it and then work with it as usual.

GroupDocs Translation offers real-time machine translation for the global world. Powerful machine learning algorithms and sophisticated neural networks provide a quality close to that of a professional human translator, but much easier, faster, and more cost-effective. Running on a high-performance cloud server hosted by GroupDocs, it can translate scanned PDF files across 104 language pairs.

This free online app powered by GroupDocs Translation API goes beyond translating textual data. It allows you to extract the text from a PDF scan and automatically translate it to the selected language. A state-of-art optical character recognition engine provides superior speed and accuracy of text extraction. The application can translate files hosted on websites without downloading them to your computer. The app works on any device, including smartphones.

How to translate a text

How to translate a scanned PDF

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Provide a file

Upload a scanned PDF file or simply enter the file’s web address.

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Specify language pair

Select the image language and set the target language.

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Start translation

Click Translate button and wait for the translation to complete.

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Get result

View the translated text or save it to your computer.


How to get the best result?

I don’t have a scanner. Can I use a smartphone camera?

Does application translate text content in scanned PDF?

Can I get the result as PDF?

Are there any limitations?

What are the system requirements?

Can I use the app from mobile devices?

I store PDFs on a website. Do I need to download them?

Is this app free?

You would like

Translate PDF scans without additional software

Translate PDF scans without additional software

Extract the text from PDF scans without additional OCR software. Both recognition and translation are performed right from your browser.

46 languages and 104 language pairs.

46 languages and 104 language pairs.

Translate your images between 46 European, Middle East, and Asian languages.

Process files from the Internet

Process files from the Internet

There is no need to download a PDF file to your local device for processing. Just paste the web address of the file and get the result.

Zero system load

Zero system load

The translation is carried out by high-performance cloud servers. You can use the application on any system – from entry-level netbooks to smartphones.

No cost

No cost

The application can process any number of documents for free, for as long as you need.

Top translation quality

Top translation quality

Many years of experience in machine leaning technologies has led to the creation of state-of-the-art algorithms with superior speed and accuracy. GroupDocs products are used by most Fortune 500 companies across 114 countries.

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