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Online source code editor to edit any programming language or markup that works from any device with a modern browser.

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If you need to view and edit files with source code, written in any common programming language, script language or markup, and you need to have a support of all modern features like code formatting, syntax highlighting, highlighting of matching parentheses, code blocks folding/unfolding, customizable presentation, export to HTML and so on, and all this for free and without installing any software, then the online GroupDocs Source Code Editor is exactly what you need!

With our online Source Code Editor, which is absolutely free and doesn’t require registration, you can easily drag and drop the required file on upload form, edit the source code right here in the browser, and then download the edited version in order to save it locally.

Source Code Editor provides the next features, which are common for all modern IDEs:

Another advantage of the Source Code Editor is its web-based nature; because of this it is absolutely portable and multi-platform — you only need a usual web-browser without any plugins, and no matter on which platform you’re using it: desktop PC or smartphone, Windows, Linux, or macOS, Android or iOS.


How to view, edit and export to HTML markup a programming language source code or markup code using Source Code Editor App

  • Click inside the file drop area to upload a file or drag & drop a file.
  • File will be automatically processed, formatted, highlighted and beautified for you to view, edit, copy content, or save instantly.
  • View, edit, tune representation, export content, download original and edited file.


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    ❓ How can I edit a file using Source Code Editor?

    First of all, you need to upload a file from your local device to the Source Code Editor. This can be done in the two ways: drag and drop your file to the white area with the label ”Click or drop your file here” or click on this area and then select the desired file using file explorer. Once a file is added, the green progress bar will begin to grow, and when completed, the Source Code Editor will be opened with file content inside it.
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    📰 How can I edit the content of a programming code or markup when it is opened in the GroupDocs Source Code Editor?

    In short: like in any other WYSIWYG source code editor. You can expand or collapse the code blocks, export code in HTML markup in order to preserve its formatting while pasting, switch between multiple editor themes, select font size, perform a full-text search, enable or disable the invisible chars and print margins, perform usual redo/undo operations, and so on.
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    📶 Does Source Code Editor require an internet connection when a source code is loaded and opened?

    Yes and no, depending on what you’re doing. In general, the Source Code Editor is a client-server web application where there is a client-based part and a server-based part, which are communicating between each other. But in the client-side a lot of operations are implemented with JavaScript and doesn’t require connection to the server. Once a document is loaded and opened, you can view and edit a source code without any limitations: this includes adjusting the presentation of a code content, export to HTML markup, search, redo/undo and so on. But for saving, downloading original or edited versions of a source code the internet connection is required.
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    🛡️ What about privacy in the Source Code Editor, is it safe?

    Yes, Source Code Editor is safe because its usage scenario implies that you select and open a file with source code, edit it and then save and download the edited version, and that’s all. Once you upload a file, a unique URL is generated, which is associated exactly with this single file. No one else except you knows this URL, so 3rd person can see the file only when you share this URL with him. Finally, we do not store user files on our servers indefinitely, — every uploaded file is automatically deleted from our servers 24 hours after uploading and the URL will become inactive and is NOT recycled for the consequent uploaded files.
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    💻 Can I edit a source code on iPhone, Linux, Mac OS or Android?

    Because a Source Code Editor is a web application, it can be used on any device that has a modern browser and an internet, without exceptions. PC or smartphone, Windows or Mac OS, Android or iOS, Chrome or Firefox, — no matter what device it is, which operating system is installed, and what the browser is being used.
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